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perfectly priced. >>> the international olympic committee is expected to side this week whether or not women's boxing will be added to the 2012 summer olympics in london. >> that move was prompted by the sport rise in popularity around the world, including the d.c. area. this morning holly is over at the old school boxing gym where women boxers are training for a big event on saturday. holly, where are you? >> reporter: hit me. here i am. listen, prefer that you refer to me as boom boom morris, or mohammed holly. >> i like that. >> reporter: then we are going with mohammed holly. getting a boxing workout. and as we are live at old school boxing in suitland, and
are getting ready for the 2012 olympics. hopefully they'll vote yes for women to be able to fight. >> reporter: what did you have to overcome to be legit in the olympics? >> well i think the biggest on stock -- obstacle is men. >> reporter: those men. >> not wanting to put girls on the shows. this is the one reason why we're having these all female shows. hopefully they will say yes. i'm pretty sure they will. a lot of people want it. so what we're doing is just having a place so that the girls can get ring experience, so they will be prepared. >> reporter: so tell me about
gunshot wound when he was found. >> those who were involved in special olympics maryland reflect on and eunice kennedy shriver. >> some good news for credit card holders. >> if you are getting ready to go out there on area roads, it is looking good so far. will u >> so far so good. >> we do a great job. >> we are happy to report it is looking good out there. no delays yet. no incidents to report. 54 miles per hour is your average speed on the northeast corner. overall, running smoothly on the roadways. here is a live view outside checking the white marsh area. this is a spot we like to check. we normally see early morning delays. it is moving well. fort mchenry tunnel is checking out fine. no problems to report. here is a live look at traffic on the northeast corner near hartford world. -- rep hartford road. -- near hartford road. >> we are looking pretty good. no delays to report right now. the light rail is on time along with the metro subway. a few construction diversions. the 36 bus diverting. 21 bus with a diversion on a pennsylvania and the dolphin. organizations are sittin
. >> we will talk to kids, i think we were discussing this yesterday. the maryland special olympics, take it away, pal. >> all right. thank you. we are live, the home of the summer maryland special olympics and we are remembering kennedy shriver today, an amazing life, and a champion in more ways than one. we will have the story live from townsend university when the eyewitness news rolls on. >> it is now 15 past 6:00. >> a watch warning, advisory, no watches or warnings or advisory for heat nor severe weather although we have even thunder showers forecasted to. nothing severe is expected. right now on v hill, 72, barely a breeze if there is one out of the northwest. barometer is 29.88. ocean city, 80. 75 d. c., 70 cumberland, west minister, 68. 73 columbia, it is, these temperatures aren't that far from where they were the past couple of days, they're not as hot but still in the ball game. what has changed is the humidity it is not really intense. you will foo el what we are talking about a -- feel what we are talking about. we have the low pressure offshore and it is dragging moisture
want to be an olympic swimmer there are now three u.s. centers to choose from, and one of them is baltimore's aquatic hub. the north baltimore aquatic club has an olympic track record. seven winners have trained here, michael phelps the greatest among them. even so it's an honor to be named one of only three professional and post-grad training centers in the u.s. by the olympic committee. what this means for the north baltimore aquatic teams located here at meadowbrook is money and support. the united states olympic committee will help it become a state of the art training center, giving it everything it needs to create elite teams of potential olympic swimmers. the usoc will make sure top coaches provide athletes with training, education, jobs, physical therapy, and that they have the funds to travel and compete. the other two swimmers are in charlotte, north carolina, and fullerton, california. ironically, that's where north baltimore alum katie hoff has announced she is going. hoff is moving out west to train with fullerton's team in preparation for the 2012 olympics. as for
. the special olympic torch led the procession today into the church, where athletes delivered a welcome that moved mourners to tears. noticeably missing today, eunice's brother, senator ted kennedy. he is nearby at the family compound, battling brain cancer. a spokesman for the family said ted kennedy's schedule is, quote, day to day. and right now, eunice's family and close friends are attending private burialed followed by a lunch at the kennedy family compound and a nearby club. nbc's ann thompson is here with me on the cape. ann, who has known the kennedys so many years, who came from this area and has deep roots here, this is really another one of those moments for hyannis. >> i think so. you saw hundreds of people literally lining south street here, catching -- trying to catch a glimpse of the family. and then when they brought out the casket of eunice kennedy shriver, there was applause. and then as each family drove by for bobby kennedy jr., for caroline kennedy and her family, there was subsequent applause. and people here at the cape really love the kennedys, they're part of t
, you'll find information about her work with the special olympics and the other activities in which she was involve and photos of the family which you see right there. so much more ahead this morning. back to you. >> and she left quite a legacy. >> of course maria shriver, her famous daughter, the first lady of california. and actually mrs. shriver and sergeant shriver had five children and all of them really well accomplished in everything e contie to follow this one. thank you so much. >>> and the latest onhe forecast today from tony perkins. another scorcher. termpesteurthatn i wih wi termpteatures in the 90s. hopefully it won't be quite as hot as yesterday. the current conditions reported at reagan national, 75 right now. relative humidity is at 87%. the winds are calm. the barometic pressure 29.90. and it has been falling. here is a look at the satellite radar for the region. you'll see a few more clouds moving in over us. again, not the cloudiest skies we've seen, but our mpskies wil feature a fair amount of cloud cover throughout the course of the day. we did have t
will be remembered as the founder of the special olympics." she taught our nation and our world that no physical barrier can restrain the power of the human spirit. it is that spirit that is being honored now. >> it was because of her sister rosemary that eunice shriver started having a camp at her home for people with disabilities. it eventually became the special olympics. >> her family was at her side when she passed away at 88-years old. >> i don't think there is a finer example of a person tech grew up with great wealth but focused that wealth and that intensity on really reaching out to the world's marginalized citizens, those folks who have been ignored and beaten down by our society. as a human being and a woman, she was a force of nature. >> there are pictures of eunice shriver throughout the building. for that athletes and their families, eunice shriver's dedication to special olympics has made a big difference in her lines. >> because of her vision, i have gotten to do so much, being involved in special olympics and outside, getting to do the best i can in all that i was able to achie
her mark by establishing special olympics. karen brown takes a look back. >> reporter: although she lived in the shadow of her more famous relatives, eunice kennedy have shriver had a long list of accomplishments of her own. she was a tireless advocate for the mentally challenged. shriver founded the special olympics in 1968, using sports as a way to empower the intellectually handicapped. that is event is still going strong with 2 million people in 160 nations around the world taking part in the sports competitions and programs. >> by your presence you send a message to every village, every city, every nation, a message of hope, a message of victory. >> reporter: she also spent plenty of time on the campaign trail with her husband sergeant shriver who ran for vice president in 1972 and her kennedy brothers. shriver watched proudly as daughter maria's husband took california politics by storm. >> my mother-in-law is the true terminator and she gives us all orders and you do this and that and she is all over the place and very enthusiastic and very strong. >> reporter: but it was shr
as the other of special olympics. she taught our nation and our world that no physical or mental barrier can restrain the spirit. our reporter has more on her impact on maryland. >> it was because of her sister that she started to having camp shriver at her home. that was for people with disabilities. it eventually became special olympics. her family was at her side when she passed away at 88 years of age. she has dedicated her life to the idea that people with disabilities could achieve more than what anyone thought. >> she grew up with great privilege and access and wealth and focused that on reaching out to the world's marginalized citizens. there are generations of people who have been ignored and beaten down by society. she is a force of nature. >> there are pictures of her throughout the building of special olympics in maryland. for the athletes and their families, her dedication to special olympics has made a big difference in their lives. >> because of her vision, i have gotten in to do so much being involved with special olympics. i have been able to achieve a lot. >> special olympi
. i hope you have a fantastic day. >> the 21st olympic games are under way now. the city of vancouver is making the final preparations. a brand new airport is being completed on time. it will transport 100,000 passengers each day. >> none of us thought that we would be at this time talking about budgets and finances and making it all work. that is the reality of it. we are getting it done. >> the nation has never won gold while hosting the olympic games during its previous times. we are your official olympic station. we will broadcast the games in their entirety. >> and they are trying to determine a chicago will host the olympics in the future. coming up, >> examining the culture of violence in baltimore city. that story is straight ahead. >> i am a call killion in washington. recovering from the recession. that story is coming up in our project economy report. >> and upper level low is around the area. we have a chance of showers and storms. i will let you know what the weekend is looking like the coming up. >> we will update you on conditions on the ears perk expressway in with
.c. landmark that's getting a makeover. >>> we are six months away from the start of the 2010 winter olympics. we will take a look apartment behind the scenes preparations for those games. >>> coming up in sports the redskins getting ready to kick off their first preseason game in baltimore. a base-brawl punishment has been handed down. it is official. the wizards signed their new big man. y. >>> now a look at the stories making headlines tonight. >> the health care debate continues to rage in town halls across the country. nonpartisan fact checking groups are accusing both sides of the distortions. says president obama is being untruthful when he says health care reform is going to be paid for. we don't know who will be paying for it yet. >>> the federal reserve left interest rates unchanged today. that's yet another sign central bank believes the economy is starting to even out. it proves housing picture and surge in the stock market are key factors contributing to that rosier outlook. >>> a charles county judge is accused of flattening the tires of a woman that parked in a re
olympics torch. chris clackum has our report. >> reporter: only the closest of family and friends were allowed in for eunice kennedy shriver's funeral. so the streets, the procession traveled were packed. a procession led by a torched-bearing special olympian who offered the first tribute. >> she was chosen to have a life to serve others. the weakest of the weak, the castaways, the throwaways of society at the time they would say the mentally retarded. and i am one of those people. >> reporter: brother teddy couldn't attend because of his battle with brain cancer. but poignant moments were provided by shriver's grandchildren. >> thank you for teaching me to help people in immediate. >> reporter: it was daughter maria, though, who lit up the service with a true tes of her adventurous mother. >> mommy wore men's pants. she smoked cuban cigars and played tackle football. she was scary smart and not afraid to show it. >> reporter: it brought the gathering to tear was a poem she wrote recently with her mom. >> you are the star in my sky. you are the music in my heart. do you hear it? listen
of events that left dozens of thrill-seekers hanging in the balance. >> plus, her olympic size heart and her struggle to survive. next at 5:15, loved ones are traveling from near and far to be at the bedside of eunice shriver. >>> our time is 5:14. updating the top store this the news for today, the president is hitting the road to sell his health care reformplan. this afternoon he's holding a town hall meeting in portsmouth, new hampshire. the president is trying to refute what he says are myths and misconceptions about his plan. the white house yesterday announced the launch of a new website that it says will help people better understand the issue and help people separate fact from fiction. >> divers will return to the hudson river this morning. they are hoping to find the last victim in saturday's crash between a small plane and a sight-seeing helicopter. nine people were killed. yesterday, the plane's wreckage was discovered 60 feet below water in the middle of the river. >> six people in china have been killed by a typhoon but the death toll is expected to rise. so far, about 80 people
there thursday night. they say the olympic gold medalist presented them with an invalid michigan driver's license after the minor incident. phelps lived in michigan between the 2004 and 2008 olympics. police also cited him for failure to establish residency in maryland. investigators say the other driver did cause the accident when she ran a red light. she'll be cited for failure to obey a red light and causing an accident. >>> you only get one shot at a second chance. that's a quote from michael vick, that's how he describes his new contract with the philadelphia eagles. the team introduced the troubled quarterback yesterday in philadelphia. vick sigd a contract that could pay him almost $7 million over two years. but northern of that money is actually guaranteed. he said he's sorry for what he did and is ready to focus on the future. >> i know as we all know in the past, i made some mistakes, i have done some terrible things, made a horrible mistake. and now i want to be part of the solution and not the problem. >> vick may not be able to play in any of the eagles' regular-season games until th
olympics and mother of california first lady. she died this morning at the age of 88. we took a look at the life of one woman, and how she could affect sell many. >> it was important for this 15 year-old to write a condolence letter for a woman he never met. a woman who believed in him. >> thank you for starting the special olympics. have a wonderful life in heaven. >> she earned a special place in hards when she founded the special olympics in 1968. >> [unintelligible] >> realized early on that she did not have to serve as president to carry on the public service tradition in her family. >> you have taught us that what really counts is the courageous spirit and the generous heart. >> that is how shriver is being remembered. the work is now legacy. the 88-year-old suffered a series of strokes and di at cape cod hospital early tuesday morning. >> my mother has been, you know, a key leader in the field of mental retardation special needs, and and disabilities. >> in a statement released by her family, shriver is described with a number of superlatives, amazing. >> his youngest memory o
kennedy, who has been battling a brain tumor, said in a statement "though the special olympics will be her enduring monument, in our family, she'll be remembered as a loyal and loving sister, a treasured wife to sarge, and a wonderful mother and grandmother." shriver is also survived by her husband, five children, and 19 grandchildren. daughter maria shriver's husband, california governor arnold schwarzenegger, called his mother-in-law the light of the family. president obama said that shriver will be remembered as a champion for people with intellectual disabilities. who taught our nation and our world that no physical or mental barrier can restrain the power of the human spirit. inspired in part by the struggles of her mentally disabled sister, eunice kennedy shriver organized the first special tick olympic in 19-- special olympics in 1968. the stories have long documented sharif's achievements. >> she accomplished something most politicians never even aspire to. she changed the way america faced the moral question -- how it treated the metropolitanly disabled. >> reporter: and shriver's
kennedy shriver, the founder of the special olympics and a memr of american royalty. a public week begins in the hour in her home state of massachusetts. pamela brown spoke with those who knew her, showing how far her loving touch reached. >> eunice kennedy shriver is remembered as an estimate -- inspiration for those with intellectual disabilities. this is one of the lives she personally touched. he grew up in an institution but as soon as becoming a special olympics athletes he realized there was no limits to success. >> it brings a barrier, showing people what our abilities are. we can still overcome our disabilities. >> now a global and batch sater, he has been a guest in her house and read -- remembers the experience -- now a global ambassador. >> we set up a table, we got to see her show photos of her brothers. >> thousands are expected to line up for the public wake. but here locally, those involved with the special olympics are also paying respects. >> i got a card and brought it to the national office just to show our low -- show our love. our prayers arwith them. >> it began whe
of the kennedy clan. she founded the special olympics. >> at the headquarters in northwest washington, one lone flower sets of the base of eunice kennedy shriver's total. one of her olympians, now a board member, says she changed his life and countless others. >> she did not build houses. she changed people's attitude. >> there is sadness here but also a celebration of accomplishment. >> well done. >> she founded the special olympics back in 1968. she told winning by your efforts is better than any gain. >> don't keep them away from something that can change their lives and give them a new vision. >> she was the fifth of nine children. her sister was mentally disabled. she was a living prayer. one nephew said it was eunice kennedy shriver who should have been president. she and not her brothers was the most impressive figure in the family. >> because she had such a drive. she was so committed. she really was a tireless, fearsome advocate for this cause. >> there was still -- there is still work to do and that is why she stayed involved with special olympics to the end. >> i learned from her tha
though the special olympics will be her enduring monument in our family she'll be remembered as a loyal and treasured wife to sarge and a wonderful mother and grandmother. her daughter maria shrivers husband, california governor arnold schwarzenegger called his mother-in-law the light of the family. president obama said that shriver will be remembered as a champion for people with intellectual disabilities who taught our nation and the world that no physical or mental barrier can restrain the power of the human spirit. inspired by the struggles of her mentally disabled sister. she organized the first special olympics in 1968. lis torians have long documented shriver's achievements. >> she accomplished something most politicians never even aspired to. she changed the way america faced the moral question, how it treated the mentally disabled. >> reporter: shriver's legacy will live on through the work of her children and the special olympics which now has a million participants in more than 150 countries. drew levinson, cbs news. >>> on 9 news now at 9:00 this morning, special olympics pr
to millions after founding the special olympics. the compassion that she had for her mentally disabled sister, rosemary, greatly influenced her advocacy for others with special needs. now only two members of that original kennedy dynasty remain, but the next generation is already carrying on their legacy. and the kennedy family, well known here in cape cod, the family's hyannis port compound has served as their sanctuary for decades. and what does this area mean to the kennedys? >> i think for the kennedys, it was a place they could come and relax. it started as a vacation home for them, joe kennedy bought the first home on the compound in hyannis port, and over the years, it has been a place they come to gather for weddings, for celebrations, for birthdays, and also in times of tragedy. but it's a place where the kennedys are known, but it's not like they're celebrities. this is a really laid back place. it's not very fancy. they live on a public street and they're part of the community. they come here for mass on weekends and both mrs. shriver and ambassador shriver would go to daily mass.
of the special olympics, which now boasts more than 1 million participants in different countries. shriver died overnight at cape cod hospital, surrounded by families. coming up, we'll hear from more olympians on the legacy she left behind. >>> opponents to obama's healthcare reform made their voices heard. hundreds marched and lined up with signs, speaking out against reform. joel brown has the latest now for wjz from washington. >>> opponents and supporters of the president's plan to overhaul healthcare drew the battle lines outside his new hampshire town home. >> healthcare for all! healthcare for all! >> reporter: while loud protestors made their case outside -- >> first time in 68 years that i've protested. >> reporter: inside, president obama tried to regain control of the debate, by taking on the critics who have dominated town hall meetings with lawmakers across the country. >> where we do disagree, let's disagree over things that are real. not over these wild misrepresentations that bear no resemblance to anything that has actually been proposed. >> the president is changing his focus,
olympics international organization which she helped found. >>> looking ahead to 8:00, holly is live at union station where she could witness a world record this morning. we'll give you a include t involves denim jeans and other clothing and it is for a good cause. >>> good wednesday morning. it is 5:00. there with two. it is august 12th. as tucker mentioned, it is warm outside and the humidity will be really out there. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. it seems to me, tony, we are feeling that humidity in here as well. >> warm inside of our studios. i think they keep the heat on overnight. >> must be a man-woman thing pause it feels pretty good to me. >> we'll see how you feel later. >> yeah, humid here and outside as well. run showers off to the west. i won't rowle utah rain shower -- i won't rule out rain shower inisg. y us r thus this rn elative humidity reis # #% and is # #% and the temperature is 77. --th -reatreand and wee temperature is 77. couple of of showers here and there during the course of the morning hours and another chance of that later on today. your
the citizens of canada for honoring the special olympians. >> reporter: through the special olympic, eunice kennedy shriver championed the rights of the mentally disabled on the field and off. when her health turned for the worst followed by her debt, condell lenses poured in -- condolences poured in from more than 40 heads of state including the pope. >> the pope sent his prayers on behalf of thefamily before she passed. >> reporter: shriver founded the special olympics in 1968 inspiraled by her sister rosemary who was mentally disabled. started as a camp in her home in potomac, maryland it grew into a worldwide movement. >> she's a civil rights pioneer. she started this movement of accepting and including people with intellectual disabilities. that transcended the playing field. >> reporter: in a statement the shriver family said she was light of our lives, a grandmother, mother, sister, awntses who -- aunt who taught us by example. her work transformed the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the globe and they in turn are her living legacy. at special olympics washington headq
and ted kennedy. but shriver is best known as the founder of special olympics. >> thank you, all the citizens of canada for honoring the special olympians. >> reporter: at special olympics d.c. headquarters, visitors signed a condolence book. >> i've done bowling, track, skiing, sailing. >> reporter: special olympic athletes like gary barnes say eunice kennedy shriver's legacy goes far beyond just creating a sporting event. >> she opened doors for us. if it wasn't for her, a lot of us might be in institutions or we might not even be able to have jobs. >> reporter: special olympics president brady lumberg remembers once telling shriver he wished he could have seen the organization's earlydays. >> she looked at me stern in the face and said, brady, special olympics is owned by the future, not the past. >> reporter: but the genesis of special olympics was always root sinede k kdymily history. eunice' oldest sister, rosemary was born with brain damage and her life led to a lifetime commitment by eunice to improve the lives of disabled people. >> she was really one of the most compass
- shriver had a legacy of her own. she founded the special olympics in 1968, using sports as a way to empower the intellectually handicapped. that event is still going strong, with many taking part in its sports programs and competition. >> by your presence, you send a message to every village, every city, every nation. a message of hope. a message of victory. >> reporter: she also spent plenty of time on the campaign trail, with her husband, sergeant shriver, who ran for vice president in 1972, and her kennedy brothers. shriver watched proudly as daughter maria's husband took california politics by storm. >> my mother-in-law is the true terminator. and she gives us all orders and says, you do this, and you do that. and she is all over the place. and she is very enthusiastic. and very strong. >> reporter: biit was shriver's work for the mentally disabled that brought her accolades and a champion for the developmentally disadvantaged. >> reporter: up until recently, shriver lived in montgomery county. the first special olympics was held in her own backyard. coming up, we'll have mor
all she will be remembered as the founder of the special olympics. and that's where we begin this morning with kimberly suitors. at the headquarters with more on this story. >> eunice kennedy shriver, the sister made a name for herself in true public service. at a special olympics ceremony, the athletes paused for their founder and for inspiration. >> she is as much of a hero of every one of these athletes as one of mine. >> photographic trites to the woman that believed there is no limit to the human spirit. >> she would always say what more can you be doing? that's a phrase i take to my heart every day, and i say what more can i be doing? i take that in my personal life and work life. i hope that that phrase, people will take and think of when they proach iclife. what your can you be doing? >> after her death this morning, the shriver family said this. she set out to change the world and to change us, and she did that and more. she founded the movement that became special olympics, the largest movement for acceptance and inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities.
of 88. she was probably best known as being the founder of the special olympics. >> made her home in bethesda. her daughter is maria shriver, the first lady of california, married to schwarzenegger. buagain, eunice kennedy shriver dead this morning at the age of 88. sympathies going out to her family this morning. >> without a doubt. we'll have more on that through outthe morning. >>> let's check in with knowny. we mentioned the meteor shower and the question is with all the haze that wave had the last couple of days, are we going to be able to see anything. i think we'll have a fair a cloud cover tonight. tucker said he saw a meteor coming in this morning but for tonight, for the peak viewing time, we'll have a fair number of clouds. so i think it will depend on where you are this evening. so we'll see. i don't have great hopes about seeing that activity. we'll see. let's take a look at what is happening. we'll go back to yesterday and the temperatures, 97 degrees was the high at reagan national. that was one degree shy of tying the record. we did break a record at dulles interna
the special olympics and the former first lady nancy reagan says she deserves love. and arnold schwarzenegger -- schwarzenegger credits her for putting him where he is. >> and her lasting legacy, the special olympics and we'll look at what her work has meant. >>> also, coming up next, the controversial check points in some of d.c.'s most troublesome neighborhoods. now, the now, there's a new fight to bring them back. >>> and trouble on the track for metro, we're used to six and eight car trains, but there could be a mixup. what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certifd green buildings an anyone earth. creating online baing tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how 've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way. >>> metro had hard weeks after the crash in june. a worker was killed on the track last weekend. last month, a train had ten cars an the platforms aren't big enough to accommodate the cars. and that will make the car doors open outsi
olympics, and scott hamilton. he earned the gold medal in figure skating. he's a board member of special olympics as well. vanessa, without her, eunice kennedy shriver, there would be no special olympics, would there? >> absolutely not. she was a remarkable woman filled with hope and faith and she touched every person's lives she came across, and people all over the world. special olympics is truly a movement, and once you join the family, you never leave. i started out as an artist singing on the very special christmas album back in '92, and i have not only been a fan but signed on as a board member for the international olympics and have traveled the world, been able to speak, dine and be part of an amazing organization where eunice kennedy shriver was the leader. >> scott, what struck you most about her and her passion for the special olympics? >> she was a force. anyone in her presence felt her passion, felt her energy. and you just wanted to -- you just wanted to be a part of it. she was an amazing woman. her energy, her drive, and the fact that she took on a segment of our populati
in a little bit. back to you. >> our big story, we are learning new details about a car crash in which olympic gold medalist michael phelps was involved. >> baltimore police say michael phelps was not at fault, but they say he will still be cited. here's rod daniels with more. >> a sea of police were at the scene of bid bids -- police say he was driving his black cadillac escalade east on bids street when he was hit by a car on -- hid by a honda, amanda virkus. amanda virkus was taken to shock trauma where she was treated for minors injuries and released. michael phelps refused treatment at the scene. his coach spoke to lowell melser today and said phelps was shaken, but not hurt. >> there was a fender bender, and we were concerned depor everyone's health and glad everyone came out ok. >> police say phelps was cooperative with the investigation, even telling officers on the scene that he drank a beer about an hour and 15 minutes before the crash. police said he showed no signs of being drunk and there was no need for a field sobriety test. it wasn't until further investigation officers realize
for starting special olympics. have a wonderful life in heaven. love, 15 years old, special olympian. >> reporter: eunice kennedy shriver earned a special place in millions of hearts when she founded the special olympics in 1968. >> as the mother of a special olympian, it's changed his life. >> reporter: she realized early on she didn't have to serve as president to carry on the family's tradition of public service. >> you have taught us what truly counts is the courageous spirit and the generous heart. >> reporter: a courageous spirit and generous heart is how she is being remembered. her work is now her legacy. the 88-year-old suffered a series of strokes in recent years and died at cape cod hospital early tuesday morning. >> my mother has been, you know, a key leader in the field of mental retardation, special needs, intellectual disabilities. >> reporter: her sole surviving brother edward kennedy is battling brain cancer. in a statement released, shriver is described as amazing, a living prayer, and a center of power. senator kennedy said his earliest memory of his sister was as
is still the only racquet sport not at the olympics and should be there. >>khan: this is our main target right now. >>reporter: squash has been lobbying for olympic inclusion since 1986 and is hoping that from a shortlist including golf, rugby and baseball, it'll be one of 2 new sports selected for the 2016 games >>wezel: when it becomes eventually an olympic game, as we all hope, i think then it will definitelywill see a round the world more squash participation. >>reporter: it's certainly a very good way to work up a sweat, but quite apart from being healthy, squash would undoubtedly trump its olympic rivals if it came to judging which sport had the most unusual starting pointà >>jong: well, the fact that i'm in a confined space, surrounded by 4 fairly high walls may give you a clue as to the origins of the sport. because it wasn't invented by some bored pe teacher, or some posh public schoolboysàit was invented by the lags in a london prisonà >>reporter: one assumes the inmates in fleet prison weren't as fleet of foot as those playing todayàand as it was a debtors prison, not quit
. >>> and there are new details from olympic swimmer michael phelps ' car accident in baltimore last night. now here's katie couric with a preview of the cbs evening news. >>> hi there, peggy. coming up the rocking fight over woodstock 40 years later. where did it really happen? that story in assignment america and much more tonight only in the cbs evnews right after 9 news now. every day about 30 women in the u.s. learn that they have cervical cancer. that's why i chose to get my daughter vaccinated. i chose to get my daughter vaccinated when her doctor and i agreed that the right time to protect her is now. because it's about prevention. (nice) gardasil is the only cervical cancer vaccine that helps protect against four types of hpv. two types that cause seventy percent of cervical cancer and two more types that cause other hpv diseases. i chose to get my daughter vaccinated because the cdc recommends that girls her age get vaccinated. gardasil does not treat cervical cancer or other hpv diseases. side effects include: pain, swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the injection site, headache,
. >> election in afghanistan. and eunice kennedy shriver, founder of the special olympics, it dead at 88. >> president and the use to say that if she had been a man, she would have been president instead of jack. captioned by the national captioning institute >> it has been a wild week on the health care front. the president has been trying to squelch reports that the democrats' health care reform includes a planned to kill old people. this week in iowa, senator chuck grassley helped to keep the talks going. >> i don't have problems with things like living wills, but they ought to be done within the family. we should not have a government program that determines you are going to pull the plug on grandma. >> let's see if we can play this to rest is the obama administration plan to pull the plug on grandma, jeanne? >> no, they are not planning to do that. this is one of those provisions that because it is poorly written or people see a benefit from it has been totally misinterpreted. clearly, what it is is a reimbursement for services, and seniors that want to write a li
. the triple olympic champion was a little tired after sunday. the 22-year-old looks so comfortable throughout the race, leading the field as they came into the streets. he qualifies for second round. crossing the line first in a time of 20.0 seconds. on day three, there was a huge surprise in the women's pole vault finals. the gold medalist of the last two world championships failed to record any clearance and finished last. the athletes from poland -- the athletes from poland, she had won every major title since taking gold at the 2004 olympics. the jamaican sprint team remains on course after usain bolt performance on friday. the olympic champion beat the fellow jamaican by 200th of a second. she is successfully defended her triple jump. leading after three rounds, she took the title with 14.5 meters. that is all the sports, george. >> thank you very much. bbc investigation has uncovered fraud and corruption ahead of thursday's presidential election in afghanistan could all the details on our web site, >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe,
. >> seen these words and action, merriman hosts its annual special olympics -- seeing these words in action, maryland hosts its annual special olympics. eunice shriver open these 41 years ago. -- opened to these. the joint of come moderate and hard work. -- the joy of camaraderie. she changed the world, and she did. special olympics is the largest movement for inclusion for people with special situations. it helped hundreds of thousands of volunteers that work with special olympians. there was the family mantra of service to others. within hours of her passing, her family summed up her legacy in a simple statement. her devotion to god, her family, and her dedication to people. she worked without pushing, demanding, hoping for change. we will wonder what their legacy will be. we have to look no further than our own playground and ball fields to see her living legacy. ççit shines greatly in the eyf our special olympians.
afternoon. i am mindy basara. it was a rough night for olympic swimmer michael phelps. he was driving a cadillac escalade in mount vernon when he crashed into a and honda accord at the intersection of north calvert and biddle st. the woman driving a honda was taken to shock trauma as a precaution. >> they collided on a intersection. we will find out if alcohol was a factor, we will look at red lights. >> police later said that alcohol was not a factor in the crash. they have yet to determine who was at fault. michael phelps and his passengers were not injured. >>> baltimore county police are investigating an accident at middle river. sky team 11 was over the scene where a three vehicles were involved. no word on the extent of injuries or who was at fault. >>> baltimore police are asking for your help in halting the deadly hit-and-run -- for help on info on a deadly hit-and-run case. john yates was biking to the year is the of maryland when he was hit by a truck making a right into the intersection of lafayette at maryland ave. he was killed, the truck kept on going. the attorney and f
>>> michael phelps in an act. tonight the olympic champion is involved in a car crash in east baltimore. we have complete coverage of this late breaking story. >>> hello, i'm vic carter. we begin with breaking news. a car crash less than two hours ago involving baltimore olympic champion michael phelps, and eyewitness news was first on the scene. it happened near downtown in east baltimore. kelly mcpherson joins us from the scene. >> reporter: vic, you can see michael phelps black escalade on that tow truck. what happened was he was driving in this direction, down bittle street when he smashed into a smaller car going north. did he not go to the hospital, but wjz is the only news team to have pictures of michael phelps being interviewed by police. you can see him right there giving his statement right after the accident. the other driver, a female, was taken to the hospital just as a precaution. phelps had two passengers with him, and they were not taken to the hospital. at this point, they are not saying would was at fault. >> at this point we don't know, kelly. we know there
downtown baltimore. olympic gold medal swimmer wrecked the suv in a collision last night. >> tonight baltimore city police say the other driver was at fault. keith live at the scene of the accident with the very latest tonight. what can you tell us. >>reporter: well we are live at the corner of north calvert and east meddle street. people who live in the neighborhood call it a dangerous intersection. they say car accidents happen here frequently and of course the latest crash involved michael phelps. now police say a woman driving a honda accord ran a red light and crashed into phelps cadillac escalade suv. now it happened just before 9:00 o'clock last night. police say the honda driver was shaken up. a witness snapped this picture of phelps at the scene sitting on the ground talking with police. he was not hurt. and neither were the 2 passengers. now witnesses say the impact struck the parked car and took out a mailbox at the corner. man walking his dog saw the crash and phelps when he stepped out of the vehicle. >> he was holding his back and limping but they offered himm
the olympic champion is getting cited even though police say he didn't cause the collision. >>> hello, i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >>> we are learning more about the car crash involving michael phelps. this evening police explain why both phelps and the other driver are getting citations. eyewitness news is live near the scene of the crash. kelly mcpherson spoke with a witness and has details from the police report. >> reporter: vic, that report says that michael phelps' right ankle was hurting after the crash here at this intersection. police have not found him at fault but he is getting a citation. a car accident turns news worthy with a superstar involved. wjz is the only station to capture michael phelps giving his police statement minutes after he smashed into another car. >> michael phelps was the only person who went to her and asked how she was, opened the passenger side door, leaned in. he was the only taintive person. everybody else was taking pictures of him with their cell phones. >> reporter: police cite the other driver with failure to obey a tra
>>> breaking news tonight about olympic star and hometown hero michael phelps. tonight, michael phelps was involved in a car crash near downtown baltimore. the accident happened hat 9:00 at the intersection of biddle and calvert streets. phelps was not taken to the hospital. live coverage from the scene where christian schaffer has been getting the information. he just left a scene? >> reporter: this situation could have been a lot worse. uninjured in the incident. you see the black escalade on the back of that flatbed truck. getting ready to tow it out of here. there's heavy front end dodge to the suv. to the right, the other car that was involved in this collision. that's a gray honda accord. phelps' escalade was going east on biddle street. the accord was coming north on north calvert street and there's a stoplight at the intersection. that's where the two cars collided and they actually flew into a third car at that point. there was a woman in the third car who was also not injured in the crash. michael phelps was driving the black escalade black east on biddle the street. t
's the special olympics, with more on this? >> reporter: mrs. shriver is the heart and soul of the organization which began at her maryland home. >> faces is a reasonable experience of people. >> reporter: many people in the washington area who have been touched by the work of eunice kennedy shriver say they're keeping her and her family in their prayers. they worship near the catholic home. as a teenager, a woman worked at an establishment that they had established at their counter home. >> that was my finlt intro dukds to working with children with them. mrs. shriver came out every day and worked with the children as well and she was very inspirational to me. >> reporter: the summer camp grew into the internationally recognized special olympics organization based in downtown d.c. special olympics president brady lumm released a statement that said in part our thoughts and prayers are with mrs. shriverer anher family at this time. >> we have a inclusion program here for children with developmental disabilities and mrs. shriverer and the kennedy foundation originally helped us to get started by
edward kennedy said, though the special olympics will always be a monument to her, he she will always be remembered as a wonderful sister, wonderful mother, wonderful wife. california governor arnold schwarzenegger said his mother changed his life when she drafted him for the special olympics. they -- president obama described her as a woman that cannot restrain the mental spirit. >> reporter: eunice kennedy shriver orinized -- organized the first special olympics in 1968. >> she preferred to be with the athletes, with the coaches. and really, what mattered the most, to make the most difference for their lives. >> in hyannis, visitors dedicated to her brother, president john f. kennedy wrote special condolences. >> here's the highlight of her own life that supersedes the tragedies. and it's a legacy. >> reporter: a legacy of service, carried on by shriver's five children. and a legacy of hope for nearly 3 million special olympic athletes. in more than 180 countries. drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> shriver's ties to maryland brought the special olympic games here to college park
. a number of special olympics athletes are expected to attend. shriver founded the special olympics in 1968 and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of the mentally disabled. she died early tuesday morning at the age of 88. >>> what former vice president dick cheney's revealing in his new book about the actions of former president george bush. >>> plus, maryland senator ben carden sounds off about what needs to happen if residents plan to participate in town halls about health care. >>> then, what d.c.'s newest powerball winners are saying they're going to do with all that money. >>> and the latest on the investigation into who dumped a dog in the trash and left her for dead. nd 6r7b8 6r7b89s. >>> senator ben carden tried to get his point across hosting another town hall meeting on health care reform. >> i think that the obama administration has already started to restore trust in health care -- >> the senator often struggled to be heard above the crowd yesterday afternoon. hundreds of people showed up at ha hagerstown community college. despite cries of "just say no" carden told them som
cod. the founder of the special olympics passed away on tuesday at the age of 88. allison joins us now from centerville, massachusetts with more on the story. allison. >> reporter: so many people have been here visiting today. among the visitors, of course, clergy and members of eunice kennedy shriver's family. and many people from the special olympics, athletes who explain w kennedy shriver changed their lives. >> there is so much idealism in my family and eunice's life is such an example of the best of our country. >> friends and family today remember eunice kennedy shriver, the sister of president john f. kennedy. but she is perhaps more well known and respected for her compassion and drive and founding the special olympics. >> she was constant activity and she was one of the greatest organizationers of humanity that has ever lived. >> reporter: kennedy shriver died tuesday at cape cod hospital. she was 88 years old and suffered a serious of strokes in recent years. today at this public wake at our lady of victory church, cardinal shaun o'malley paid a visit. husband, sergeant
giants john and ted kennedy but she's best known as the founder of special olympics. >> thank you, all the citizens of canada, for honoring the special olympians disblrn at special olympics d.c. headquarter, visitors sign add condolence book -- signed a condolence book. >> i've done bowling, track, skiing. >> reporter: special olympians say eunice kennedy shriver's legacy goes far beyond. >> we might not be able to have jobs. >> reporter: special olympics president recalled once telling shriver he wished he could have seen the organization's early days. >> she looked me stern in the face and said brady, special olympics is owned by the future, not the past. >> reporter: but the nesis of special olympics was always rooted in kennedy history. rosemary's life led to a lifetime commitment by eunice to improve the lives of disabled people. >> she was really one ever the most compassion in the members of the family [ inaudible ] while the brothers entered the world of politics, eunice found another way to serve. >> she's the perfect example of this public service ethic beyond political offic
's work. the establishment of special olympics. her goal she said was to demonstrate that people with mental retardation are capable of remarkable achievements in sports, education, employment, and beyond. it began in 1962 as a summer camp at her home in maryland. and led to the first special olympic summer games held at chicago's soldier field in 1968. 1,000 athletes from 26 states in canada competed. today, the games have more than 1.3 million participates in over 150 countries. in 1984, ronald reagan awarded the highest civilian honor. for decent si and goodness touched the lives of many. eunice kennedy shriver deserves america's love. >> born to privilege, she made her life's work helping those who had little. she wrote special olympians, is proof the value of human life should be manied in nemany ways eunice kennedy shriver was 88. >> and thanks to eunice kennedy shriver. there are now 3.2 million special olympics athletes. >> on 9news now at 9:00 a.m., brady talked about her legacy. >> in its adopted population that had been marginnized for centuries all over the world
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